Total Mind &
Body Reset

Money Back Guarantee! If, upon completion of the program you have seen no improvement, I'll refund you! 

Are you stuck in a rut? Know changes are needed but just can't make it happen?

Do you want to lose weight and re-energise? Feel better about your body and experience a more calm mind?

The Total Mind and Body Reset has been created by me - for you. Enjoy taking the thought out of diet and lifestyle decisions, and be guided into a way of eating, moving and relaxing which will nourish body and mind.

Potential benefits of this program:

  • Increase motivation

  • Boost energy

  • Improve sleep

  • Lose weight, increase muscle tone

  • Detoxify

  • Reduce digestive issues

  • Support immunity

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Break old habits

  • Diet and lifestyle education

  • Support mental health

  • Gain insight into your habits, your relationship with your body and food - and strategies for permanent change

Lauren Wilding Detox Total Mind and Body Reset.jpg

Want to try it out to see if it suits you? Access the free trial below which gives an example day - the dietary guidelines are not included in the trial, but you get an idea of the content, and try out the yoga and meditation.

Daily meditation, yoga, food guidance and inspiration. All you need to get out of a rut, on the wagon and feeling better about yourself!