Methven Massage Thai

Methven Thai Massage

Thai Style Massage (not the scary style often experienced in Thailand!), is such an amazing experience - moving the body into gentle positions where the muscles are slightly stretched, then pressure applied provides the ultimate release.


Massages are done fully clothed, and on a foam mattress on the floor - as this type of massage uses body weight and downward pressure.


Still relaxing but potentially less so than some other forms of massage - this style is perfect if you just have a sore, stuck body and need some good pressure for release. As I use my body weight, I can apply as little or as much pressure as needed - for those stubborn knots where firm pressure is preferred, no problem.


A couple of snippets of feedback:

'Wow. I actually feel longer and taller. My back pain of years has gone, and I feel like I am standing more straight. I need to do this every month!' - Jake


'I have never been able to find a massage that gives such good pressure' - Lucy


'I had never got a massage before because I didn't want to get undressed or have oil on my body. This type of massage is perfect - I can just go floppy and let Lauren do all the random things she does and I come out pain free. Easy.' - Aaron


'That is exactly what I needed. My headaches are gone and my neck and shoulders no longer ache all day. I was beginning to get quite a hunch back, but that has completely changed after a few sessions. Laurens massage is a regular feature in my self care regime'- Stacey


Methven Massage @ The Salt House or

Mobile - $80 60 Mins

(Can travel further at additional cost)