Traditional Yogic Gut Cleanse

Why do this practice?


Various factors within our diets and lifestyles today including the processing of our foods mean that our digestive function may not be optimal for our overall health. Our intestines are not smooth tubes, they contain tiny pockets throughout, in which faecal matter can sometimes become lodged, which can then begin to putrefy and damage intestinal lining, contributing to symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome – constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, gas and much more. If digestive function is impaired, we cannot absorb nutrients optimally, which can then affect other organs and systems. We all need a clear out occasionally to support our digestive and overall health and immunity, which can be done with this ancient Yogic practice.


Some benefits of clearing the colon:


  •       Alleviate digestive issues

  •       Tone and strengthen the liver and immune system

  •       As liver and digestive function improve as does hormonal balance, energy levels and mood

  •       Detoxification

  •       Weight loss

  •       Reduce excess mucous in the body

  •       Reduce inflammation

  •       Mental and physical ‘clear out’


What does it involve?

Drinking slightly salty water and performing 5 basic movements 8 times, then repeating. The salt water means that the body does not absorb the water, instead it flushes through the bowels. The movements massage the intestines, releasing stuck fecal matter, resulting in an effective release of everything from your intestines, much of which has likely been there for some time, causing digestive distress.


The practice is done in your own home, guided by me via a zoom call (you need to be near a toilet for obvious reasons), in groups of 10, and takes usually between 1-2 hours depending on your digestive and nervous systems. It is a very light-hearted experience, which is supported by me during and afterwards, as the practice takes effect. Following the practice you need to rest, and will likely feel very tired. After 45 minutes of rest, you eat a meal called Kitchari (I will give you the recipe to prepare the day before), and be careful with your food for the next few days. I will give you detailed instructions which will help you prepare and know what to expect.


In general, this is a very effective internal cleanse which is safe for most people and health conditions. There are however some health conditions which are contraindicated with this practice, so Shankaprakshalana must only be practiced under the guidance of an experienced teacher who understands your health status.



What do people say about this practice?


“I have wanted to do a gut cleanse for years but have always come to a dead end with the idea of going for a colonic and suffering mortifying bowel movements in front of someone else! Being on a healing journey of my own now, the perfect solution presented itself when Lauren invited me to take part in the Shankaprakshalana Cleanse – not only is this an ancient Arurvedic methodology but I could avoid any mortifying experiences! We were guided by Lauren through a zoom call and could, in the comfort of our own homes (and loos!) really massage our intestines with a series of asanas and the non-invasive salt water drink certainly got things going in no time at all. The Kitchari and guidelines on how best to rebalance and repopulate our guts post treatment was so useful – this is definitely something I would like to do as recommended bi-annually. A safe non-invasive cleanse with ancient wisdom to back it all up…Thank you. I feel great!”.- Ilse


"Great cleansing experience. Lauren is very clear and caring, so good to have her looking after us and taking us throughout the process. It was very light-hearted which is quite good to relax and not feel awkward to share our bowel movements!!! Will do it again for sure" - Hinano


"I have been doing yoga, retreats and workshops with Lauren on and off for the last 8 years. A few months ago I saw a post from Lauren talking about a cleanse. That was definitely what I needed after lockdown and I got on board.  The sequence of movements was easy to execute (once you get the hang of it!) and the workshop vibe via Zoom was great. It felt like we were all in it together but in the privacy of our own home. Lauren kept in touch throughout the process and after a good rest the benefits of the cleanse where definitely noticeable". - Virginie V.



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