Private Yoga Lauren Wilding

Private Yoga

Yoga classes not the best option for you? No problem!


Private sessions are designed to meet your individual needs, and may include movement, breathing and relaxation, as well as nutrition, lifestyle and self care advice. I am able to create a personalised programme for you to cover every aspect of wellbeing, to support your physical, mental and overall health. 


These sessions may be in the form of:

  • One on one Yoga sessions to suit individual needs.

  • Stress management/Mental health – learn to breathe and relax with a variety of easy techniques to make permanent positive changes

  • Yoga Therapy – Injury recovery and prevention, organ/system support or disease recovery.

  • Private group/workplace sessions

  • Events

"Whether you are needing a turn-around in the health department, some help to get back on track, some knowledge on how to help yourself or just a little self-care, I can create a plan for you."


Some reasons for choosing a private session:

  • Yoga classes feel out of reach at the moment

  • Self-care is a priority and you need some advice

  • Current or past injuries or health conditions require specific attention

  • You want to learn something in particular or have me create a home practice for you


Mats and props provided

Private Yoga Methven or via Zoom. $80 for 60 mins