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Total Mind and Body Reset Online Program

30 days to feel better. Lose weight, boost energy and motivation, improve sleep, feel great about yourself! A detox with a holistic difference - delicious, nutritious foods, daily inspiration, education, yoga and meditation to nourish body and mind. Be encouraged and supported to get started on your journey to feeling fantastic in just 30 days!


About Nourish - Lauren's Story




As a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, I offer a combination of natural healthcare therapies which can help you to move, breathe and feel better. Whether you are in need of natural health treatment, wanting to learn about nutrition for the family, or are just in the need of some self care, I am here for you. 

After an early lifetime of eating and drinking all that came my way, and many years of not taking care of my body, in 2008 I developed severe IBS (crippling gut pain with 'clear the room' gas). All blood tests were normal, the GP told me there was nothing wrong, when I was clearly suffering. I went for a colonic where I was to meet the Naturopath who changed my life - not only treated my IBS but opened my eyes to the world of natural medicine. I realised how huge diet and lifestyle are in feeling great, igniting the passion that drove me to study Yoga, Massage and Naturopathy for many years. I am so grateful to be able to use that horrific experience and the knowledge I now have to help others discover the causes of their issues, educating and supporting on the road to recovery and optimum health. The body's natural state is healthy - let's work together to reset the balance!

" I took my 6 year old daughter to Lauren for help with worsening eczema, and ongoing behavioural and emotional challenges. I found her to be incredibly empathetic, thorough, and very open to hearing what both myself and my daughter had to say. She was great at listening to us both, and took lots of time to listen to my daughter and encourage her.

Within just a few weeks we saw a huge improvement all around, both physically and behaviourally, and those changes have been maintained. I would not hesitate to recommend Laurens services"




" I am so glad I got to join Laurens yoga classes - her Hot Vinyasa classes are outstanding!

I have been in pain for years, but Laurens classes really helped me to soften the pain.


I have been practicing yoga for almost 3 years, so I can really tell her classes are special. 

Demanding but still fun and the exercises themselves are often really different from other classes, every time I’ve been to one of her classes I felt so much better - after weeks I still feel something is changing inside my body.


Thank you Lauren!"



" I have wanted to do a gut cleanse for years but have always come to a dead end with the idea of going for a colonic and suffering mortifying bowel movements in front of someone else! Being on a healing journey of my own now, and really desperately wanting to have that gut cleanse to remove any dysbiosis in the gut micrbiome – the perfect solution presented itself when Lauren invited me to take part in the Shankaprakshalana Cleanse – not only is this an ancient Ayurvedic methodology but I could avoid any mortifying experiences! We were guided by Lauren through a zoom call and could, in the comfort of our own homes (and loos!) really massage our intestines with a series of asanas and the non-invasive salt water drink certainly got things going in no time at all. The Kichari and guidelines on how best to rebalance and repopulate our guts post treatment was so useful – this is definitely something I would like to do as recommended bi-annually. A safe non-invasive cleanse with ancient wisdom to back it all up…Thank you. I feel great."



Health Coach

"Lauren provides insight in to your holistic health picture. She is able to consider your emotional and physical well being while using scientific, traditional and hands on techniques to guide you through your assessment and recovery of whatever challenges you are experiencing. She has a huge number of tools in her belt to support and assist your healing and reaching your health goals. I have seen her many times for a variety of challenges from gut health to injury rehabilitation.


She has worked with every member of our family as well as my young daughter. She is passionate about helping people, getting to the bottom of things and enhancing your health in all aspects. I highly recommend her knowledge and skills to all."


Jada, Otago



Clinical Naturopath and Nutritionist

Registered Yoga Teacher

Experienced Massage Therapist



Consultations at The Salt House, 3 The Mall, Methven.

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