Two week
tune up

Money Back Guarantee! If, upon completion of the program you have seen no improvement, I'll refund you! 

Need a detox or a reset? 30 days too long? Sometimes we may not have the time or motivation to commit to longer programs, so this 14 days of goodness is for you!

Simple dietary changes with minimal thinking and effort

Short, easy yoga sessions daily to release tension in the body

10 minute meditations daily to calm the mind

Daily content - either a short task or educational information to inspire and motivate.

Optional nutritional supplement $49


Minimal effort required, enjoy being guided and supported through simple, clean practices for 14 days. This program will kick start healthy habits, shift stuckness and leave you feeling inspired and motivated to progress into your healthiest, happiest self. 


Next intake:
1st August 2022
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Daily meditation, yoga, food guidance and inspiration. All you need to get out of a rut, on the wagon and feeling better about yourself!